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Bacalhau, is the Portuguese word for dried and salted codfish, which has been traditionally produced for over 500 years time.
Recognized as the iconic ingredient of Portuguese cuisine, Portuguese would say these are 1001 ways to prepare bacalhau dishes. This unique ingredient was ‘invented’ at the time of European discoveries of the New World. The salting and drying method was then the ancient method to preserve the freshly caught fish for longer time, and keep well until they were bought to shore. Bacalhau is normally caught from the coasts of Norway, Iceland and Newfoundland. It used to be a affordable ingredient, however, bacalhau is becoming more and more expensive because of over-fishing. Portuguese usually have bacalhau dishes on all social occasions, and some parts of Portugal, it’s a traditional dish for Christmas dinner. At Casa Lisboa, you will savour the most traditional and finest taste of bacalhau. Our signature bacalhau dishes include SHREDDED BACALHAU MIXED WITH POTATO AND EGGGRILLED BACALHAU WITH VEGETABLES & POTATO IN OLIVE OIL, CODFISH CROQUETTE and BACALHAU STEW IN “CATAPLANA”.
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